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These are the cats available for your sponsorship:



Benny is 8 years old. He has always been very frightened of people and other cats, so he is not a social member of GCH but he does love his food! His nickname is 'two strokes' Benny as he likes to swipe!



Charley is 10 years old. He was surrendered by his owner due to his general grumpiness. He doesn't really like other cats or people as he doesn't understand how to love and be loved. He likes to swipe at the other cats if he can, especially poor Shiloh! He does interact quite well with children though an she's very handsome!



Ellie May is 4 years old. She was bought into someone's house by their cat through the cat flap when she was just 2 weeks old. She was tiny, covered in fleas and had calico virus. She was hand reared by June and used to sleep in her slipper. She is the original GCH orphan and is an excellent hunter, but she still loves cuddles with her Mum June.



Lady Gabrielle is 3 years old and was rescued along with her sister Gracie. They both have coronavirus and Gabby has tummy, respiration and eye issues. She still manages to be very naughty though! She needs a lot of baths and regular grooming. Gabby like stop tease the other cats but also loves playing with her sister Gracie.



Princess Grace is 3 years old and also has coronavirus as well as the same respiration, tummy and eye issues as her sister Gabby. Her growth was stunted until quite recently. She needs a bath most days as she gets very mucky when she eats. She loves company. She has just discovered the outside world and drives us mad with her crazy escapades!



Hope was found in a train station, we think she was dumped. Her back legs are paralysed but she is a happy brave little cat, around 1 year old. X-rays have been done which show she has no hip joints and abnormalities in all 4 legs. She will be a long term rescue, we need to see if she grows, her pelvis is tiny. If so there may be hope of some kind of solution going forward but she will always remain disabled. Hope will need ongoing medical treatment plus puppy pads as she cannot get in a litter tray. Hope is the most adorable cat who just loves cuddles and attention.

Kamran 1_edited.jpg


Kamran is a darling 2 year old Persian who looks like a teddy bear! Unfortunately he has coronavirus, which gives him a lot of tummy trouble and IBS. Until he is clear of it, he is staying with foster mum Mel.



Kentucky (5) came to us in April 2021 with a tail injury and bowel problems, we suspect he had been hit by a car. It transpired he had 7 fractures in his pelvis. He is living with long term foster mum Louise. Kentucky had his tail amputated and his bladder problems have all but disappeared. He is the most loving and friendly cat who cries when he can't get attention.



Older girl whose terminally ill owner wanted his cat to be settled in a new home before he went. Koda is with one of our older foster Mums, Brenda, who is giving this nervous indoor cat the chance of a wonderful new life. Koda loves to scratch the carpet and eat books! Brenda is so enjoying the company of a foster cat, so it is a win situation all round. Koda came in severely matted and needed a professional groom. Sponsoring Koda will enable us to give her the care she deserves.



Lily is our darling 4 year old girl, who was surrendered when her owner was unable to cope with her epileptic fits, but she still visits. She has been fit free since August 2019, but she is very nervous and still over grooms. She is a beauty who just loves cuddles and human attention.



Lizzie is 9 years old. She is an abuse case and lost her leg when she was thrown from a window. A kind stranger found her and paid the vets bill. She is a firm favourite with all the volunteers, and she loves visitors. She loves to sit on your lap but doesn't like to get off!



Memma is 1 year old. When she came to us she was very unwell and had surgery because her intestines and bowel were all congenitally in the wrong place. when she went to be neutered, it transpired she had no uterus and is a a hermaphrodite. It's a miracle she survived her extensive surgery at such a young age, but she is doing really well in foster care with Julie, where she rules the roost!



Millie is 8 years old and was found in a garden as a stray. She was a walking skeleton and had coronavirus. She remains terrified of the outside and rarely goes downstairs. She is now clear of coronavirus and is known as Queen of the Landing, but she remains very anxious and timid.



Eighteen year old Pebbles was surrendered to GCH with a host of health issues, severely hyperthyroid, enlarged heart, and a kidney infection, all now being treated. Pebbles is also deaf. She will receive expert retirement care and TLC from one of our very experienced fosterers, Natasha. She has ongoing medication and vet checks to make sure her quality of life is as good as we can make it.



Rasputin (10) came to us in need of an operation to remove bladder crystals, as his owners were no longer able to care for him. The operation was successful, but he needs close monitoring for his condition and regular grooming of his Persian coat. he is a gentle and loving lap cat.



Salzi is 13+ years old, and recently has had to have all of his teeth removed. He was surrendered by his owner who travels a lot so was unable to care for him. He still visits Salzi and brings him presents. Salzi is good friends with Shiloh, and loves M&S chicken! But he will always be a timid boy.



Shiloh is 4 years old and was badly abused by his owner. He spent his first three months here in a pen because he was terrified of being touched. June worked with him for five months, starting by touching his tail with a feather. Eventually he allowed her to touch his head and the rest is history! He now loves to greet visitors in the front yard.



Symon is 9 years old. He was found in a burnt out car with a badly broken leg. It cost £1400 to operate on (fund-raised) and then a further £4000 when he ruptured his cruciate ligaments the following year (covered by insurance). His leg is still stiff and will always be weak and affected by the cold as a result of the break. He is obsessed with cars and inspecting things! He also loves visiting the local pub!



Tinkerbell is 10 and was surrendered to us in April due to a new baby in the home. She has some anxiety issues, is overgrooming and has developed a skin problem, so she is now in foster care with Jill, where she can receive the love and quiet life she so deserves.

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