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The Faces of Our Organisation


June and her late husband Ian (Cat Daddy) started the GCH rescue 15 years ago, and she has been rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens in need ever since. June has a dedicated team of volunteers, amazing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and some wonderful foster mums as well as superb support from Voo vets. Starting with two cats Slinky and Rooney, June now has 14 permanent rescue residents as well as 10 cats of her own, and 8 in long-term foster care. The rescue work is 24/7 and it goes on thanks to June’s commitment, expertise, care and love of our feline friends along with fantastic support from our amazing followers.


Lee is a trustee and team admin who deals with adoptions and home checks. She is June's deputy, our vet liaison and she also supervises all the cat foster parents. Lee is very hands on at the rescue helping with cats and kittens; she does most of the vet runs. Lee rescues a  lot of cats and kittens with Steve and is one of our foster mums - she loves kittens! Lee runs Kitty Palace at our events. Her favourite cat here is Lizzie.


Brenda is a trustee and team admin who deals with the admin, marketing and the accounts. She also writes the sponsor newsletters, Kitty Mews and the Advent Calendar.  Brenda's favourite cat here is Lily.​


Julie is a team admin and our senior fosterer, she has fostered many cats for GCH and turned some tricky ones around. She is amazing with the most difficult cases and her patience has saved many cats. Julie looks after our long term foster Memma. She loves them all as if they were her own. Julie's favourite cat here is Tammy.


Steve is the most experienced member of the team in dealing with tricky cases. He is the one who usually goes out to rescue, collect or deliver a cat with Lee. Steve does the DIY at the rescue and keeps everything shipshape. Steve is now also a foster Dad who is great with troubled cats who need a quiet space. Steve's favourite cats here are Lizzie, Louis, Bonny and Gracie.


Margaret is a trustee and team admin who advises on our tax affairs and coordinates our fundraising initiatives.  She also runs the car boot sales at Hook Road Arena with June, and is a champion knitter of cat cushions! Margaret is brilliant at helping us organise events, and always steps in when we need her. Margaret's favourite cats are Salzi and Marty.


Kym is a team admin and is also queen of organising Kitty Palace. She regularly organises all of my food stocks for me and also cleans all of the pens. Kym runs the group of daily Cat Care volunteers which are so essential to our work. She also advises us on all aspects of Health & Safety! Kym's favourite cat is Hope.


Mel is a team admin and a foster mum, who has looked after Kamran long term as well as many kittens. She also helps us running all our events. Her two children Zach and Jade help with socialising kittens and volunteer here at the rescue. Mel's favourite cat is Razz, Zach's favourite is Lizzie and Jade loves Bodhi.

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