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Current kittens for adoption

Please fill in your application form and attach photos. Email to be shortlisted on if you are already home checked.


Elodie & Evie

Gorgeous bonded pair

Elodie & Evie are 7 months old, neutered chipped and vaccinated by GCH, a lovely bonded pair.. Two gorgeous, affectionate, playful girls, who love cuddles and strokes, they will make great family cats. They are curious, mischievous and great fun!


The girls had a very bad eye infection when very young and have been under treatment here for several months. Now they are better and their vision is good. We have the go ahead to home them from our vet, but they will need an ongoing lubricating eye drop morning and evening. Don't worry, we'll show you how and the girls are very used to it!!


The rescue will fund their three monthly vet checks and eye drops for the next year. Other than that they are in perfect health. Lively happy girls, good with other cats and can be with children over 5 years, no dogs. Ideally indoor or Catio situation but happy to discuss options. They need to home to someone who can go to our vets Voo, at Surbiton, Cobham, Worcester Park.

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