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We rescue and rehome around the Epsom, Surrey area. We take pregnant cats, abandoned cats, stray cats, abused cats and any cat who needs us. We are totally self funded and rely on the generosity of our followers to help feed and look after the cats. Vets bills are met with donations from the public. This rescue has a no kill policy, we never euthanise any cat unless it is suffering beyond hope. We try to help owners as well as their animals and offer support and advice to anyone needing help.  

GCH really is a very special place: a cat sanctuary.

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The Ginger Cat House Rescue is based in Worcester Park, Surrey. Contact us to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

For general enquiries please contact us via the email below. For urgent messages it is best to send us a message through Facebook PM as it is constantly monitored by the team. See Adoptions page, for the adoptions email address.

Please do not phone, the rescue is too busy for multiple calls, email means all the team are able to deal with your enquiry.

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We appreciate how difficult it is to be in a position where you need to rehome your cat.
We can help.

We offer no judgement on a person's circumstances and can offer a range of options if you need assistance with rehoming your cat. However we will give priority to people who have neutered their cats.

We sometimes can offer the option to admit your cat into our rescue in cases where you are unable to facilitate a direct adoption. This means we will assess the cat and choose the family which best meets the needs of them.

Your cat must be vaccinated to come into rescue, we will need proof of booster being done not just kitten jabs.

We also offer direct adoption which means the cat stays in your home and we recommend families home checked with us for your cat. You are heavily involved in the process and can help make the decision on who your cat is adopted by. We can only offer this service if your cat is neutered and vaccinated up to date.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss rehoming your cat.

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