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We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with The Gin Kitchen in Dorking. The Gin Kitchen is an artisan distillery in the Surrey Hills, which crafts award-winning gin; it was their Ginger Cat range which originally caught our eye!  They have generously donated a pair of Golden Tickets for Gin Tasting Experiences to each of our three bazaars this year as well as some Ginger Cat gin and chocolate for our Easter raffle. We are looking forward to visiting Tikka, their distillery cat, over the summer!

The Gin Kitchen Distillery began in 2016 with a vision to create the finest gin on the planet, which can be enjoyed neat, with tonic or in cocktails. Since then, their gins have won international medals and been Spirit of the Month at Fortnum & Mason. You can also visit the distillery for number of exciting experiences and tours, Bottomless Brunch and even a Cocktail Masterclass. Co-founders Kate and Helen lead a passionate and creative team and, so far, we have welcomed Hannah, Reeba and Charley to our Cat Cafés.

 Contact: 01306 889598


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