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Current cats for adoption

Please fill your application form and attach photos. Email to be shortlisted on, if you are already hone checked.



4 year old Tabby male

Bartholomew was left at the vets so we don't know much about him. He is a gentle, nervous boy who needs a quiet home with someone cat experienced. No children or dogs please. A garden in time but not until he is more confident. Neutered by us, chipped and vaccinated, clean bill of health.



Direct adoption

6 year old male cat, neutered but not chipped or vaccinated up to date. Can be timid but good with children. Outside access needed and can live with another calm cat. Currently with owner in Cheam.

IMG_4829 2.heic


One year and three month old girls

Pair of exotic shorthair Persian girls, neutered today 1st June. Chipped and first vax done. Indoor only, they have no issues like most Persians. Ready to go in a week, you need space for them to play as young girls and lively. Not for children under 8 years and no dogs, can live with another calm cat if you have plenty of room

Adult Cats (1-7): Services
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