Current cats for adoption

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Mum Dexie aged 2 and one year old daughter Shona are super bonded pair and must go together. Very friendly sweet natured girls, family friendly, no dogs. Neutered and chipped by us, the kittens have been adopted and the girls ready to go this week.
Outside access needed although Shona will not go far.



Looking for a forever home for Kentucky. He has been indoor for almost a year but potentially would enjoy a safe garden or catio. outside. Kentucky has has been in foster care with us for a while, as he recovered from his injuries from a prior road accident. No dogs and children over 12 only. Preferably no other cats. He is a sweet and affectionate cat who will make a great companion. Loves attention so would be ideally suited to a calm household: retired owners or those at home in the day.


LULU [2] & MILI [1]

Mother and daughter pair, Lulu [2] and Mili [1]. Slightly nervous but very affectionate girls. Ideal for a family, children over 10, can entertain themselves during the day. Lulu is neutered and ready to go but Mili will stay at the rescue until her kittens are 12 weeks old. Ideally we want Lulu to home now, she is neutered and chipped, Mili will join her later. Lulu is friendly, loves a cuddle and will sit on your lap. Outside access will be needed in time.



Two year old ginger girl, surrendered with kittens. Now chipped and neutered and ready to go to her new home. Not for small children, ideal teenagers. Quite independent so ok for people who work. Will need outside access once settled. Can live with other cat but not dogs.


ELM [2]

Two year old Elm, sweet friendly girl, chipped and neutered. Likes to go in the garden, friendly with other cats and fine for older children.
Direct adoption from her owner who adopted Elm from us. Circumstances have changed and she can no longer keep Elm.